For Joe Kennedy III, Qualifications Need not Apply

Letter to the editor from Sean Slater.

Joe Kennedy III, a 31 year old with no qualifications and very little experience in business or politics is a candidate for the  4th Congressional District.  Sean Bielat, a Marine reserve officer and small business CEO with a proven track record of success and personal integrity is also running for this seat. Sean’s resume, charisma and economy – driven positions on fiscal responsibility would make him a heavy favorite in most congressional races across the country.  That being said, we are in Massachusetts, where there is a belief, however illogical, that a candidate’s name outweighs a candidate’s qualifications.  As familiar as voters might be with the Kennedy name, those same voters are as equally unfamiliar with his positions on many issues that are important to middle class families. Shockingly, JKIII only moved into the district this year and his campaign staff or "handlers" make sure he is not easily accessible.  I believe there are two reasons for why televised debates, door knocking, fundraising events or public appearances are not a priority. The first reason is that he has enough money already.  The more important reason however, is that his handlers do not want him in the spotlight, especially, if there is a chance his inexperience would be exposed for all to see when trying to explain his position on issues, or if he had to provide realistic solutions to problems facing the middle class.  In the real world, most rational  people know that two and a half years as an assistant DA and assistant prosecutor does not qualify you for holding an office of this magnitude.  There are two very clear and very different choices for the 4th Congressional District seat in November. One candidate is out knocking on doors, talking and listening to voters, making public appearances and repeatedly explaining his positions on issues and economic solutions.  The other candidate is staying in the shadows and is content on keeping a strategy of vagueness and ambiguity. Joe Kennedy III does say he believes in a “fair tax code”, a “fair jobs plan” and a “fair housing authority”.  Not sure what “fair” means to a one per center like Joe, but maybe by the time the election is here, Joe will explain that to us. This 4thCongressional District seat should be merited not inherited."

-Sean Slater

Ann Ludwig October 25, 2012 at 10:09 PM
We have had enough Kennedy's. If he wins with no experience I will be very upset. My votes is for you Sean. Good Luck we need you.
Ben Rosa October 26, 2012 at 12:55 AM
Very well said, Sean. It's pathetic that people are going to vote for a guy because of his last name instead of for what's right for our country. Bielat would make a great Congressman, but sadly the liberal lemmings in Newton, Brookline and Fall River will put JoKeIII over the top.


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