Dual Enrollment Helps Prepare Students for College

Letter to the editor from NHS student Neeve MacGregor as a journalism assignment.

Dear Editor,

In our Senior and Junior years at my , we are allowed to take dual enrollment classes at surrounding colleges for High School credits. We can choose from numerous classes we may have interest in and, as long as we get it approved, we are free to take what we want. I have been lucky enough to be involved in this program at the last two years. I took a jazz class, a ballet class, and I am now taking a music class on African American Originals which focuses on jazz music, blues, ragtime, and also involves the history of these types of music. I received full credit in both classes I took last year and I am hoping to continue this in my class this semester. I feel very privileged to be able to take these classes because these credits I am receiving, along with the credits I have received from my advanced placement courses at the High School allow me to be able to graduate a full semester early from college. Even more importantly, the experience of being in a college course and around college students is great. It helps me feel a lot more prepared for what lies ahead and even helps ease my mind about the application process. I will be applying early decision to Wheaton in November and I feel a lot more comfortable now considering that I have already been allowed to take classes there. I would strongly advice any underclassmen debating whether or not to take classes at a college to do it because it is a great learning experience and helps you feel more comfortable about college and look forward to it.


Neeve MacGregor

Norton High School Senior


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