As the Saying Goes, Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Journalism assignment by Norton High student Kendyl Cutler.

Judging another person is a hurtful, useless action to do. Words sting pretty harshly and one may never know when bad words or thoughts about someone else can ruin their life. Breaking down someone’s self-esteem is never okay. One may feel good about themselves for doing so, but what if it was the other way around? That person wouldn’t feel so great about themselves.

Self-esteem is an extremely important aspect throughout life. It helps people get through difficult issues in school, work, or anywhere. When someone feels good about themselves, they do good for themselves. When other people take self-esteem away from other people, those people lose faith in themselves. It’s actually bullying in a verbally abusive way. Just because it’s verbal abuse, or even cyber abuse, it still hurts just as much or more as physical abuse.
Words can stick with a person forever. They are like painful tattoos that will never fade away. Sometimes people even remember hard words that were said to them at a young age. When someone is made to feel worthless for so long, they start to believe that they are worthless. Once someone is judged so much that they lose all of their self-esteem, it’s hard for that person to get it back.

The impression that a person makes on other people is important in life. This is true especially for a job interview. When a person has gotten their self-esteem taken away from them, the start to give up on themselves. Not only do they give up mentally, but physically. It’s hard to give off a good first impression when one has a horrible attitude toward themselves and can’t fix themselves up to look presentable. The words people judge others with could seriously damage a person. Though they may be words said in younger years, those words could affect a person as an adult.

Putting an end to bullying has been enforced more lately, especially in schools. They are trying to teach the kids the horrors of what can happen to someone that gets judged and discriminated against at an early age. They are taught to never judge someone by how they dress or look. One may never know the troubles that a person goes through at home or even at school. Everyone deserves a change. Though this is being confronted, some people are still bullying and judging others.

Unfortunately, many of the people who are judges have social anxiety, are depressed, etc. These are some of the reasons why people are judged in the first place. It’s wrong to judge someone for an issue that isn’t their fault. Not only that, but it’s wrong to judge someone for who they love to be. Just because some isn’t what is considered “normal”, doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated differently. People are still even judging others by skin color or religion. Equal rights have been passed for years now and for some, it feels like they don’t have those rights at all. Just remember to never judge a book by it’s cover because you’ll never know what lies beneath the pages.

Kendyl Cutler


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