Acing the Face-to-Face Interview

Tips on how to stand out.

The in-person interview! You NEVER have a second chance to make a first impression. 

Dress for the interview: Guys, suits and shined shoes. Ladies, that smart looking interview outfit.

Make a dry run to the location if time permits. If not, give yourself plenty of time. Allow time for road construction and the typical highway traffic. If you arrive at the location earlier than 15 minutes, go sit someplace else. Do not sit in the company parking lot for an extended period of time. The reasons to not sit in the parking lot are too numerous to mention here. Trust me just don’t do it. Enter into the company 10 minutes before the interview time. Showing up too early will not endear you to the HR folks and may be a sign of desperation. 

Have extra copies of your resume just in case. Practice the following question:

  1. Tell me about yourself? This question most likely will be the first.
  2. What is your greatest weakness? Most people who don’t prepare bomb this question.
  3. Why should I hire you?
  4. Why did you leave your last company? 

Be prepared to address why you left each company listed on your resume. You should have an exit statement for each position explaining why you left.

If you visit CareerBuilder.com they have a list of the most asked questions during the interview. The more that you practice, the better you will do.

You should be prepared to ask questions. A candidate that does NOT ask questions is thought to be uninterested in the company and the position. Have about four or five questions ready to ask when they say… DO you have any questions for me?

At the conclusion of the interview, be sure to get a business card. You will need this to send a well written thank you note after the interview. Most people ask: How can I stand out? 

The answer is simple; send a thank you note. People appreciate it and most people do not do it. A well written thank you will help keep you on top of the pile. Email thank you notes are acceptable. 

Brian Coughlin has lived in Norton most of his life and graduated from Norton High School. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in management from the University of Massachusetts and a Master of Science degree in management from Lesley University. He is a human resource consultant and has been operating his own business for six years. Check out his company page at www.coughlinHRconsulting.com.


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