Norton Puts Time In A Bottle (Well, In A Time Capsule, Actually)

Norton closes their Tricentennial year by placing several items in a time capsule.

About fifty Norton residents attended the time capsule ceremony at the Unitarian Church yesterday to wrap up the Tricentennial celebrations for the year. The capsule is the same one made in 1961 (which was opened earlier in 2011.

The event was presided over by Daniel Rich, Chairman of the Norton Tricentennial Committee. Among those placing items in the capsule were George Yelle, Ruth Goold and Arthur Stenniford (whose father sealed the capsule back in 1961).

In recognition of the Tricentennial, State Representatives Steve Howitt and Betty Poirier presented a proclamation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

The time capsule will be opened in 50 years.


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