Love Stories: Jamy Sugar

Norton resident tells the story of how she met her husband.

My husband and I met through a video dating club, "Great Expectations" in Dallas, TX in 1989.  We had both relocated to Dallas about the same time.  For over a year we lived less than 1/2 a mile apart, shopped at the same grocery store, used the same dry cleaners, ate at the same Chinese restaurant, but never once met.  I had joined the club as kind of a joke, but he joined because he travelled so much for work, he never had a chance to meet anyone.  By coincidence, I ended up going out with one of his sales guys and had a so-so time.  About our date, he told my husband, "She wasn't for me, but you'd probably like her...." so my husband asked me out.

On our first date, we saw "When Harry Met Sally".  He knew I was the one when I laughed at all the same moments during the movie.  We were married a year later.  

For our second Valentine's Day as a married couple, I took a pregnancy test and found out we were having our first child.  That child is in college now, and his younger brother will be, too, very soon.  We're wondering where all the time went....


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