Let's Go Grocery Shopping With Patch

Every week, Patch checks out what is going on at the local supermarkets and what's on sale there.


This week at Shaw's, it is semi-boneless rib roast or steak, three pounts for more is going for $5.99 per pound and Cook's shank portion ham is 99 cents. A 12-pack Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew is five for $12. Wild boneless haddock fillets are $4.99 per pound and you can get 10 bottles of Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke or Sprite for $10.

At Hannaford's, boneless skinless chicken breast is going for $1.99 per pound, while shoulder steak for London Broil is $2.99 a pound. Bags of 10 oranges is going for $3.99 each, while red vine cluster tomatoes are a $1.69 a pound. You can get two cans of my essentials crisp'n sweet corn two for $1, while Florida's natural premium orange juice is two for $5.

Roche Bros. is selling London Broil steak for $3.49 per pound, while Barilla pasta, selected varieties are a $1 each. A four-pound bag of navel oranges is $2.99, while Atlantic salmon steaks are $5.99 per pound. Roche Bros. half gallon milk is two for $3.

At Stop & Shop, Coca-Cola 12-packs are three for $9, while Pepsi two litter bottles are 10 for $10. Florida Natural Orange Juice is two for $6. Fresh top round London Broil or Roast is buy one, get one free.

At Big Y, all natural beef filet mignon tenderlions will be $11.98 a pound with silver coin, while Big Y all natural angus beef semi-boneless rib eye roast is $6.99 with no limit. Big Y fresh roasting chicken is 99 cents a pount, while baby peeled carrotts, one pound, are two for $3.


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