Let's Go Grocery Shopping With Patch

Every week, Patch goes grocery shopping to find the best deals.


Every week, Patch goes grocery shopping to find the best deals at the local supermarkets.

This week at Market Basket:

-Fresh American Lamb Leg-$5.99 a pound.

-Center Cut Pork Chops-$1.99 per pound.

-Chicken Breast Cutlets $2.99 per pound.

-Cape Cod Potato Chips two for $5.

-Boneless Sirlion Tips $5.99 per pound.

This week at Big Y:

-Driscoll Organically Grown Strawberries $3.99 per pound.

-Bay Scallops-$6.48 per pound.

-Simply Orange Premium Orange Juice-three for $9.

-Big Y Italian Sausage 14-16 ounces three for $10.

-Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt four pack, 22 ounces, three for $6.

This week at Roche Bros:

-Two liter Coca Cola $1 each.

-Boneless Pork Loin $1.99 per pound.

-Orange Juice two for $5.

-Dannon Yogurt 10 for $5.

-Roche Bros. Hearty Bread $1.99

This week at Hannaford:

-Naval Oranges 10 count per bag, $2.99 each.

-Shoulder steak for London Broil $2.99 per pound.

-Red Vine Cluster Tomatoes $1.29 per pound.

-Cantaloupe $1.69 per pound.

-Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.99 per pound.

This week at Stop & Stop:

1. Jumbo Cantaloupe two for $4.

2 Fresh New York Strip Steak $5.99 a pound.

3. Polar Seltzer 10 for $10

4. Oranges 10 for $10

5. Dannon Yogurt 20 for $10.

This week at Shaw's:

1. Red Seadless Grapes $1.49 per pound.

2. Fresh Cataloupe $1.49 per pound.

3. Shaw's Frozen Vegetables 99 cents.

4. Essential Everyday Pasta 88 cents.

5. Four package of meat, mix and match, Perdue Perfect Pork, Stockman & Dakota Pub Burgers, Mama Lucia Meatballs, White or White and Dark Chicken Pie, $19.99.




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