Let's Go Grocery Shopping With Patch

Every week, Patch goes grocery shopping to find the best deals at the local grocery stores.


Every week, Patch checks out the local grocery stores to see what is being offered. If you know of any other deals, please share them in the comment section.

At Shaw's, split chicken breast are buy one, get one free, while California Naval Oranges, imported Barelett Pears or New York Apples are available for 99 cents a pound. Stone Ridge Creamery Ice Cream or Hot Pockets are two for $5. Ken's Dressing is $1 for 8-9 ounce bottle.

At Roche Bros., red, ripe strawberries are two for $4, while Big Deals chicken breast is $1.99 per pound. Boneless Pork Sirloin Cutlets are $1.99 per pound. Poland Spring 24 pack waters are three for $10. Near East rice pilaf is $1 a box for 6.09 ounces. Kellog's Cereals are on sale for $1.99 a box.

At Hannaford, boneless strip steak is $6.99 per pounds, while Hormel cooked ham is going for $3.99 per pound. Large red seedless grapes are $1.29 per pound. Boneless pork sirloin steak is $1.69 per pound. Lean Cuisine entrees are two for $5, while my essentials frozen vegetables are $1.25 each.

At Stop & Shop, fresh drumsticks, thighs or whole chicken are 99 cents per pound. Coca Cola 12 packs are on sale three for $10, while Friendly's Ice Cream is two for $6. Nathan's Beef Franks are buy one, get one free. Stouffer Lean Cusin Simple Favorites are five for $10. Rice-A-Roni or Pasta Roni is 10 for $10.

At Big Y, fresh hotel style turkey breast is 98 cents a pound, while Pepsi or Diet Pepsi is three for $12. Driscoll's premium strawberries are buy one get one free. Chicken breast tenders are buy one, get one free. Salmon fillet is $4.98 per pound. Stressed cheese is three for $5.


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