Let's Go Grocery Shopping With Patch

Patch checks out the deals at the local grocery stores.


Every week, Patch goes grocery shopping to find the best deals at the local grocery stores. If you know of any other great deals, please share them in the comment section.

At Shaw's, Cook's Rump Portion Ham is 99 cents a pounds, while green or white asparagus is $1.99 per pound. Green Giant Frozen Vetegables are 10 for $10 and you can mix and match the packages. Split Chicken breast is $1.99 per pound.

At Roche Bros., Cook's Spiral Cut Ham is $1.49 per pound, while Fresh Whole Turkey is $1.29 per pound. Boneless Chicken Breast are $1.99 per pound and fresh whole pineapples are $2.99 each. Pepsi Cola 2 Liter bottles at $1 each with a limit of eight.

At Hannaford's, my essentials Shank Portion Ham is 99 cents per pound, whiile Taste of Inspirations Maple & Brown Sugar Ham is $6.99 per pound. Green asaragus is $1.99 per pound. Golden pineapples are $1.99 each, while Hood Ice Cream is two for $5.

At Stop & Shop, Spiral Sliced Ham or whole ham are $1.49 per pound, while smoked ham shank portion is 99 cents a pound. Fresh green asparagus is $1.88 per pound. Breyers All Natural Ice Cream is buy one, get one free.

At Big Y, D'Artagnan Fresh Duck, $3.49 per pound, while Big Y Italian Sausage, links or patties, are three for $10. Semi Boneless Ham is $1.98 with silver coin and Big Y Spiral Ham, $1.79 per pound, no limit. Dole Pineapple is 99 cents a pound and fresh Russet Potatoes are 99 cents a pound.



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