Local Dog in Need of Surgery

A local woman is looking for help funding her dog's emergency spinal surgery.

A local woman is asking for help funding surgery for her dog's injured spine.

Emily Rose Desilets writes:

Hello, my name is Emily and I need help saving my best friend. Her name is Bella, and she is currently fighting for her life. This past Saturday, as she was jumping up on the chair in the front window to bark hello to the mail man, she fell. Unknowingly to us, she severely injured her spine. She now has a herniated disc and has lost all motor function in her hind legs and tail. The cost of surgery is more than my family and I have the ability to give her. The Vets at Tufts explained that an immediate CT scan and emergency surgery is her best chance for recovery. The surgery was quoted to us as being approximately $4500.
Bella is 8 years old was as lively as any mini dachshund could possibly be! However, when she fell, she lost the ability to walk. She also lost all ability to urinate and move her bowels on her own. My mother and I have had to learn to manually express her bladder and bowels just so the poor thing can go to the bathroom. The sad look of pain and confusion is all I see in her little face, and it breaks my heart. The pain meds seem to be numbing the pain, but are making her so sick she can barely keep food down.

Anyone that knows Bella knows she is the sweetest, smallest little ball of sunshine and is my world. When I found out my neighbor's dog was having puppies, I just knew I had to have one. It had been over a year since my first dog had past after a wonderfully long life. My father was not having it and shot me down on every request. When the pups were born, my sweet neighbor would place a picture of one of the babies under the windshield of my dad's truck before he went to work and after a few days he cracked. We picked the runt of the litter, who happened to be the liveliest of the bunch and we fell in love.

I know we're asking for a lot but even one dollar would go a long way in helping me save my baby girl <3

Thank you so much!

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