Region Roundup: Foxboro Burglar Calls Tow Truck, Swansea Bank Robber Arrested

A look at what is happening around the region.

Man Allegedly Involved in Swansea Robberies Arrested

The man allegedly responsible for two bank robberies in Swansea this year was arrested this week.

According to WPRI, Trevor Gaskell, of Warren, was arrested and charged in connection with two robberies in Swansea. Police told WPRI that he could be involved in two robberies in the area.

BayCoast Bank on Wilbur Avenue and St. Anne's Credit Union were robbed earlier this year.

Foxborough Burglary Suspect Calls Tow Truck After Vehicle Gets Stuck at Scene

A suspected burglar in a daytime breaking and entering Tuesday on Bailey Street may have aided police in the investigation when he got his getaway vehicle stuck at the crime scene.

“The burglar had to call a tow truck because he had driven his vehicle behind the house to hide it from being in the driveway and he got stuck,” said Foxborough Police Chief Edward O’Leary following Tuesday’s incident. “The tow truck operator was the one who called the police about suspicious activity. Once the car was pulled out the [suspect] jumped in the vehicle and drove across the lawn to get away.”

O’Leary said the tow truck operator called police to the scene and after an initial investigation discovered the break-in.

“Unfortunately for the bad guy we have a good description of the truck he used and more importantly his license plate number,” O’Leary said.

Mansfield Police Looking for Alleged Sunglasses Thief

A recent robbery at the Mansfield Pearl Visions Center on School Street has local authorities looking for a man connected to the crime.

On Sunday, June 9 at 4:29 p.m., a large man walked into the glasses store to shop for some sunglasses. After claiming he left his wallet in the car, the suspect quickly exited the store and turned left away from the building.

According to Mansfield Police, nine pairs of high end sunglasses valued at $1,500 were taken.

Driver Reports Hitting Pole

Calls to the Easton Police on June 3 and June 4 were highlighted by the recovery of a stolen vehicle, a driver calling to report she had hit a pole that had fallen into the street and a man reporting that he had been receiving a lot of phone calls from someone who had loaned him a large sum of money.

Cross Street Bridge Shut Down After Sinkhole

The Cross Street Bridge in Norton had to be closed on Thursday after severe flooding in the area caused a sinkhole. The large amount of water reached the point where it wasn’t able to be determined how much, if any, damage had been done to the dam.

La Salette Shrine in Attleboro Under Water

La Salette Shrine in Attleboro is under water after heavy rains came through over the past week.

According to WPRI, the problem is a result of drainage issues, which have caused the entire parking lot to turn into a lake.

"The problem we are having now, if the water stays where it is, it could damage the parking lot," Brother David Eubank told WPRI. "I call it Lake La Sallette. I tell people we have beachfront property."

The damage could amount to about $7,000, he said.


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