[POLL] How Much Did This Property Sell For?

Take a stab at how much 342 Reservoir St. sold for.

Looking for the perfect condo alternative? This single-family home on 342 Reservoir St. is the place for  you. Many recent updates include newer bathroom with a tile floor, neutral carpet, windows, five-year-old gas furnace, one-year-old gutters and an eight-year-old roof. The home also contains a wooden cathedral ceiling in the kitchen. It contains three bedrooms, a full bathroom, .11 acres of land and 1,516 square feet of space.

Take your guess on the closing price. And please, don't cheat! We'll give you the answer in next Thursday's question, but if you're anxious, you can check your answer with New England Moves.

Last week’s answer: One person guessed correctly that 13 Kayak Trail sold for $467,000. The majority vote was split between $375,000 and $425,500.


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