[POLL] How Much Did This Property Sell For?

Guess how much the real estate on 21 Sanlin St. sold for.

This single-family, well maintained multi-level home on 21 Sanlin St. spent 317 days on the market and was sold on May 2. It has three bedrooms, a full bathroom, an oversized one car garage with laundry and wet sink, new deck and windows and a shed. It is 1,165 square feet and sits atop .33 acres of land.

Take your guess on the closing price. And please, don't cheat! We'll give you the answer in next Thursday's question, but if you're anxious, you can check your answer with New England Moves

Last week’s answer: sold for $827,500. Five voters guessed correctly in our poll. The majority of you, 33 percent, selected $946,000. 


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