Christmas is for Kids Applications Available

Due date for past parents is Nov. 13, deadline for new parents Dec. 1.

‎The Greater Attleboro Area Council for Children is now accepting Christmas Is For Kids applications.

This program is for children aged newborn to 18 and age 22 for children with special needs. Children who have quit school or are in college are not eligible. Only custodial guardians can apply for help.

Anyone living in Norton can pick up an application in the Norton Town Hall Veterans' Services Office. Completed applications must be returned to the office no later than Nov. 13. Any application received after Nov 13, by a parent who has been in the program before, will go onto a waiting list.

Parents new to the program should submit all required information as soon as possible. The later the applications are received, the more difficult it is to match children to donors. Any application from new families received after Dec. 1 will go on a waiting list.

There is no guarantee that children on the waiting list will be sponsored.

Every bill and income verification submitted must all have the same name and address as the adults listed on the application. Do not submit a PO Box as an address. If you do not have utility bills because they are included in your rent, be sure to send phone and cable bills as well as a third bill such as car insurance. Be aware that any tampering of documentation will result in immediate and permanent denial of help. If you do not have the required documentation, include a letter of explanation. A copy of a Massachusetts picture ID must also be included with applications.

Applicants must include a story sheet for each child. Fill out sizes only for clothing items that are needed and circle whether a coat is needed. Include one toy item and two alternate choices. Requests are filled to the best extent possible, but not all requests can be fulfilled.

Families whose application has been accepted will receive a letter in early December with the instructions as to date, time and place for gift distribution. In order to pick up your child’s gifts, the parent or guardian whose name is on this application must be the one who picks them up. A birth certificate for each child and valid Massachusetts ID will be required. No health cards will be accepted. No passports or out-of-state ID’s will be accepted.

For more information visit http://www.councilforchildren.org/.


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