A Look Back at Norton 2011 First Night Celebration

Two years ago, Norton celebrated First Night with a big event.

(The following article was written by Norton Patch editor Kelly Mello on Jan. 1, 2011. Two years later, let's take another look at the night of Norton's First Night celebration.)


Norton residents enjoyed a variety of entertainments and activities at the town's first First Night celebration. In addition to local singers, bands and storytellers, residents enjoyed a spectacular fireworks display at midnight.

Merchants and bus attendants estimated that 3,000 people showed up for the event last night.

"While I know that some always say there is always room for improvement, I am not one of them," First Night Chairman Brian Coughlin said. "I dont think that any member of the team would change anything and neither would I. The weather was even perfect."

The skies were free of precipitation and the temperature remained around 40 degrees.

According to Police Lieutenant Todd Jackson, the entire night was incident free. "Everything went very smooth," he said. "The traffic was congested at the start of the event but got better as the night went on. The buses handled the attendees very well and transported everyone out quickly at the end of the night."

Today, 69 volunteers met up at 8:30 a.m. and cleaned up the high school and Henri A. Yelle Elementary. The crew included Butch Rich, who showed up with about 15 friends, 30 Norton Boy Scout troop members, three high school students and about 20 members of the committee. 

"With almost 70 people and under the leadership of Lorraine Barnes, who by the way had her team cleaning all night, we were done by 9 a.m. Dr. Ansay should be pleased," Coughlin said.

Be sure to check out the featured video by Anthony Medeiros to see what you might have missed.


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