Trinity Bringing Two Decades of Experience to Norton

Executive chef John Robertson talks about his experiences in cooking and how it helps shape Trinity's identity.

Executive chef at Trinity, John Robertson Jr. said he’s been in the restaurant business for more than 20 years, and it all began innocently enough.

“I started as a part-time job after school found it really interesting,” he said. “I stuck with it and was able to move up. I had a great opportunity to work with some really good chefs.”

Robertson began his career path at Peg Leg Pete’s in North Attleboro and has since worked at the Lafayette House in Foxborough and the Sweet and Crafty shop in Mansfield.

He said that his favorite part about cooking is the experimentation aspect.

“I like finding different textures and tastes and how you can make the same food prepared differently,” Robertson said. “I like to do pasta dishes where we can add different ingredients and flavors without having to add tons of fat and cream.”

Robertson is a partner in the business. He said that the formation of the menu is serious and collaborative effort within and without the restaurant.

“We try to see what’s working with our customers and what people have requested or commented on as well as what seems to be a trend in the area,” he said.

Robertson said that based on what the general vibe of the area is at the time, he writes a proposal and the other chefs and partners work together and figure out what to offer.

“It’s really a team effort,” he said.

Robertson said that Trinity is special to him because of the regulars in the restaurant and bar and the sense of community everyone appears to exude.

“I’d say for me it’s someplace that I can be proud to be a part of, and that’s because of the customers who come in here and the people that I work with,” he said. “I like feeling when you come in here… People are friendly and know each other. The entertainment and the menus and all that other stuff are great, but when you get to kind of know people one on one, it’s a great feeling.”


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