Promoting Recess at the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce

The RECESSitator helps companies recharge.

Tired of working? Lost your creativity? Just showing up to work each day to put in your time until you can go home?  Rich DiGirolamo knows what you need—it’s recess.

 DiGirolamo, the “RECESSitator” believes everyone needs time to “learn, recharge, create and celebrate.” One of the ways to do that says DiGirolamo is with recess—taking a “break from the norm” to recharge and revitalize what you have lost.

 “If you are not having fun it is your own fault,” said DiGirolamo as he addressed more than 125 people ant the Success and Service Awards meeting on Feb. 4.

 His own personal energy and enthusiasm come from living the philosophy of fun and recess in the workplace. His signature baseball cap in bold primary colors topped with a whirligig, bounces through the crowd as he speaks. At the event; he steals a BlackBerry from the terminally connected, encourages the audience to pop the balloons set up about the room, and compares TV icons, House, Batman, Julie McCoy and Hannah Montana to potential employees within a given company.

 DiGirolamo says problem-solving solutions and productivity come easier to employees who are fully engaged with their companies, though the norm is that only slightly over 25 percent of the working population fits into this category.

 He says a slightly lesser percentage of employees in the typical company feel completely disengaged and negative towards their jobs and employers, while approximately 50 percent of employees fall somewhere in between company “cheerleaders” and the “toxic” workers.

 DiGirolamo wants all workers to fall in the “cheerleader” category where employees will be “in” their work and eager to solve problems.

 “Every problem has a solution,” he says.  He gave the example of a recent run on roof rakes at a large hardware chain near his home in Connecticut.

 “There were 900 people lined up to buy roof rakes--problem,” he said. “Across the street—two guys with a pickup truck and a sign, “Rent our roof rakes--$25 per hour”—solution.”

 DiGirolamo is not only the founder of Recess at Work Day, but is the founder of One Less Meal, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to fighting hunger, one meal at a time. His one and only virtual “Double D. Diner “donates money to local food banks, with the checks delivered by a bona fide superhero, complete with costume (DiGirolamo himself). Visit http://www.onelessmeal.org/ for more information.

Preceding DiGirolamo's presentation the following people and organizations received awards from the Chamber:

  • Chamber Ambassador Award 2010-Greg DeSimone, Focal Point Coaching
  • Business Person of the Year Award 2010 -Ellyn Fleshner, W/S Development
  • Business of the Year, Holiday Inn Mansfield/Foxboro
  • Good Neighbor Award-Brigham and Women's/Mass General Health Care Center
  • President's Award for Outstanding Contribution, 2010-Robin Clapp, Web Design by Robin
  • Director's Award for Outstanding Contribution, 2010-Jen Vondenbrink, Life Simplified


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