Notes From Board of March 1 Selectmen Meeting

Donated land, Crossroads Veteran's District and Sportsway Cafe incident covered.

Selectmen dealt with a number of community issues on Thursday night.

Board member Bob Kimball said he had been approached by the Pinot family, a business family formerly involved in the operation of the Norton Flea Market, and said the family would like to donate about an acre of land flanking the Reservoir and adjacent to on Route 140 to the town.

"John wants to donate it for a boat ramp," Kimball said. Pinot had owned the street called Robinson Lane, but it had later become town property. The land in question is at the edge of a cove not visible from the main road. Pinot has already had engineering work done for the transfer and the ramp, and is only asking that the ramp be named after his father, Charles.

"We could call the whole cove Pinot Cove," said Kimball. An article proposing the gift to the town will be on the spring Town Meeting warrant.

In other news, board member Tim Giblin, who has been named chairman of the newly formed board of directors for the , reported the board had conducted its first meeting in Mansfield last week. He said business included the ongoing search for a third Veterans Services Officer, to assist current VSO's John Hogan from Mansfield and Michael Johns from Foxboro. The total budget for the salaries of the three VSO's and the one clerical employee for the four-town district will be $261,000. The towns, Mansfield, Norton, Easton and Foxborough, will share the services offered by the regional district among all of its veterans. The board's next meeting is March 13. Once established, members will meet about once a quarter.

Town Manager Michael Yunits is gathering all available information on the license and management of the , where an in February.

"I want the license holder in here to review the activity there," said Yunits. Board member Bob Kimball said the process will be an official hearing, and said Town Counsel should also be present.

"This incident is disturbing to me," Kimball said. "We need all of the information. We hvae serious questions about the operation (of the bar.)"


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