Global Medical Device Company Eyes Norton for New Headquarters

Selectmen called a Special Town Meeting to vote on a possible 40,000 square foot facility for Omni Life Science.

The possible location of the new Omni Life Science Headquarters
The possible location of the new Omni Life Science Headquarters
Norton residents will vote in Februrary on whether or not they want their town to be the new home of a rapidly growing orthopedic medical device company.

On Thursday night, selectmen unanimously approved scheduling a Special Town Meeting on Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. for the purpose of approving plans for a new corporate headquarters for Omni Life Science.

The company, currently headquartered in East Taunton, has identified property off of Commerce Way in Norton as a "viable option" for a new facility.

The idea drew strong support from Norton Selectmen.

"Obviously, we're going to roll out the red rug and see what we can do in the process," said Board of Selectmen Chair Robert Kimball, who touted Norton as a "pro-business" community.

The proposed investment plan would include a $40,000 square feet facility, costing approximately $3.5 million.

COO David LaSalle touted job creation, positive economic impact, and a company with a history of community involvement.

"We really feel strongly about being involved in the communities we get involved in," he said.

In addition to experiencing rapid growth, the company is also being ousted from it's current 36,000 square foot space in E. Taunton across from the Silver City Galleria because of a proposed casino.

"Just to give you a little bit of insight as to why our timeline is as aggressive as it is -  we’re up against trying to vacate as quick as possible,"LaSalle said. "...We just want to find a new home, get there as quickly as possible, and make it work."

Selectmen agreed to work with LaSalle and CEO George Cipolletti in putting the company on a fast trejectory.

"We are as committed as you are," Kimball said. "I want to make sure we’re clear on that that we will work as quickly as we can."

While the proposed building on Commerce Way would occupy approximately 40,000 feet of space, LaSalle said the company would be interested in expansion in the future.

Kimball suggested the company consider building bigger now to avoid government hurdles in the future.

"If you find it in your nature that you’re going to be adding on later on – build something a little bit bigger," he said.

The project was also met with support by members of Norton's state delegation.

Rep. Jay Barrows and Rep. Steven Howitt were present at the meeting.

"I got up this morning – it was a little bit of a tough day and then I heard about this and my day was a little bit brightened," Barrows said.


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