Families Enjoy Fun-Filled Frenzy Day [VIDEO]

Indoor play area now open to the public.

, an indoor play area for kids and teenagers, lived up to its name during the business’ grand opening Sunday, July 17. About 300 kids raced through the inflatable obstacle course, jumped around in the bounce house, got thrown off a mechanical bull and more.

 Ed MacMillan and his fiancé Karen Goodburn are co-owners of Frenzy. Having three kids and not knowing what to do with them locally got them thinking.

 “There was nothing in Norton for kids,” MacMillon said.

 MacMillon worked for , and his hours were severely cut. Even through the temp agency the hours were inconsistent and the pay was not enough to make ends meet. So he and Goodburn, who as the owner of Children’s Haircuts has experience with kids, decided they should create this unique recreational area themselves.

“There is a huge need for a play space here in Norton,” Goodburn said. “As a small business owner and I work with children now, I kept hearing from all the moms and dads that there’s nowhere to bring their kids. And so I thought why not fill that void? And we did.

Frenzy has several inflatable play toys such as slides, an obstacle course and mechanical bull. There is also a separate toddler room that has slides and tunnels to crawl through and ride on toys. The mural in the room is Goodburn’s favorite part of the facility. The artist, Elizabeth Vargas, painted it in such a way that it is like a scavenger hunt. She listed how many of each bug there are for kids to find.

Frenzy promotes open play, with no waiting lists. Parents can bring their kids to play six days a week and know that even if they turn their heads for a second, their children will be safe.

Upon entering, guardians are asked to hand over their keys. A wristband is then looped around the key with the number of children associated with that party. This way it is unlikely that anyone will leave with children who aren’t theirs.

Two children are admitted for $10 each. Any additional children from the same family are admitted for 8$. Children ages 2 and younger are also admitted for $8. Admission is good for the whole day, so patrons are welcome to leave and come back later.

There is also a snack bar on the premises that serves Goldfish, pretzels and a treat just as unique as Frenzy itself…Sandy Candy. Sandy Candy is edible sand art. Kids get a tube to fill up with their favorite colors, admire it, then eat it just like they would Pixy Stix.

 Play hours are Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Summer Camp and Teen Night hours are also available.

 For more information, join Frenzy’s Facebook page or email Goodburn at fourlleaves@comcast.net.


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