ESP Solutions Recommended by Jarvis Green for 'Perfect Revenge' Shirts [VIDEO]

Norton screen printing business to produce up to 35,000 shirts.

You can’t get a much better advocate than ex-New England Patriot Jarvis Green. And that’s just who recommended , a screen print and embroidery facility in Norton, to print the “Perfect Payback” tee shirts being sold just in time for Super Bowl XLVI.

ESP Solutions was contacted by Fan’s Only, a marketing company out of Maryland. They were recommended by Green to print the shirts, as they were the perfect candidate being in the Foxborough area.

"We did a shirt for him [Green] three or four years ago," said Steve Holcomb of Fans Only, which is licensed with the NFL Association. "And apparently he has done some business here, and he said, 'these are the guys you need to talk to.'" And Holcomb is happy with the results.

An even bigger reason to celebrate, ESP Solutions is celebrating their 30th year in business. The company started off 30 years ago in a basement, printing shirts in minimum quantity batches. Now they are a full running company that does not only simple jobs, but complex jobs like the “Perfect Payback” shirts.

“We are pleased to have the work flowing in as consistent as it has been these past few years,” said Julie Higham, inside sales representative at ESP Solutions. “We have been successful through the economic struggles that the industry has undergone.”

ESP is considered an eco-friendly shop and do not use any film for jobs that come in house. They reuse screens, use environmentally friendly inks and solutions to keep the quality of life at ESP a natural one.

The screen-printing process is a unique and complicated one. The process starts with graphic artist Brian Pinnetti who creates and digitally enhances the artwork used for each job. He then sends the art out to the direct to screen digital printer where the process of making the screen starts. The machine replaces what traditional film to screen used to do. After being processed, exposed, blown-out, dried and taped, the screen is ready for the automatic press for production. When the print is at the press, the screens are put into a sequential order and registered. Once the print process is finished, the shirts are sent down the drying belt, where the ink is cured.

The facility at ESP Solutions enables workers to create 500 shirts an hour. They began printing the "Perfect Revenge" specialty shirts Thursday, and so far have done about 3,500. When it's all said and done, they could produce around 35,000.

"We keep getting orders," Higham said.

These shirts are selling for $19.99 on the Fans Only website. Visit http://perfectpayback.com/ for more information.


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