Bites Nearby: Subway

Eat Fresh at your local Subway shop.

By Morgan Fox

You see the commercials, the billboards and that slogan “Eat Fresh” everywhere you turn. But have you savored that local Subway flavor? Well, go to the conveniently located Subway on 130 Mansfield Ave.

Norton’s Subway is owned by Scott Leafer who is welcoming and friendly to every customer that walks in the door. He, along with his friendly staff, works hard to make every customer's wants and needs come true. The service is also fast and friendly. 

With so many options to choose from, new specials and great deals, Leafer strives to be the best sandwich shop in Norton. The customer has so many options to choose from, whatever they want, and how they want it; the sandwich artist happily makes it for them. Every time I have been in Norton’s Subway, I feel immediately welcomed and know I am getting a quality meal. 

With a great variety of sides, your sandwich can be complimented with cookies, chips or even soups. Not only is there a variety of sides and types of sandwiches, but also drinks. The drink selection supplied at Subway ranges from water, milk, juice and soft drinks.

Subway also serves breakfast. Subway’s breakfasts are yummy, filling and a change from the everyday milk and cereal.

Norton’s Subway supports town sports, organizations and the community itself. The owner is family oriented and has a passion to fulfill the customers' needs. Stop by for a sub after a game or even just to say hi! Also, I suggest getting a cookie with your sub too. 


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