Lyons Volleyball Set to Participate in Side-Out Foundation's Dig Pink Event

Money from tonight's fundraiser to go toward breast cancer awareness.

The Wheaton College women's volleyball team will participate in October's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by hosting a Dig Pink event Thursday when the Lyons face non-league foe Emmanuel College in Emerson Gymnasium at 7 p.m.

Dig Pink is the Side-Out Foundation's trademark name for its fundraising event.  The foundation is a support and advocacy group dedicated to making a significant and identifiable difference in the lives of breast cancer patients and their families by supporting clinical trials, increasing compassionate services and educating communities.  All of Thursday's proceeds will benefit Side-Out.

Women's volleyball is partnering with Wheaton's Office of Residential Life and Office of Service, Spirituality and Social Responsibility (SSSR).  In addition to opportunities to pledge donations, among Thursday's planned activities are a bake sale and raffle.  Fans are also encouraged to wear pink. 

The Side-Out Foundation was established in 2004 to unite volleyball players and coaches and to have them work toward the common goal of furthering breast cancer awareness, education and patient services.  The foundation offers practical support for fundraising in addition to educational material for participants in order to help them become effective advocates for breast cancer.  Side-Out contributes the funds to organizations that serve breast cancer patients.

The term side-out refers to a situation in volleyball when one team wins a point while its opponent is serving, thereby regaining serve or control of play.  The Side-Out Foundations hopes to do the same for breast cancer patients, providing them with the support, education and best available treatments to regain control of their lives.

For more information on the Side-Out Foundation and Dig Pink, visit http://side-out.org.


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