PHOTO GALLERY: Art Program at Daggett-Crandall-Newcomb Home Inc

Seniors thrive under direction of Ben Macomber and Sue Talavera.

Thanks to former art teacher Ben Macomber and activities director Sue Talavera, seniors at Daggett-Crandall Newcomb Home can exercise their motor skills by painting.

The program launched in the beginning of the year, and seniors at the nursing home have already showed that they have not lost the ability to create beautiful works of art. Residents in their 80s and 90s thrive during the program.

"When they're painting, they can do whatever they want," Talavera said. "They haven't lost their independence."

With each session, Macomber gives the class a theme. He will show the class an example of his own art, and give them simple instructions on how to recreate the painting and make it their own.

Macomber has been working with different art mediums for over 50 years. He loved it so much, that he taught at Attleboro Public Schools for about 28 of those years. He also worked for Rhode Island School's Young Artist Program and Attleboro Arts Museum. When he retired at age 57, he began teaching a class at Lakeville Senior Center, and word spread about his program. Now he works in seven or eight senior centers in the Norton area, showing residents that you're never too old to create art.

"As long as I can still get around, I'll keep busy," Macomber said. "I'd hate not to have something to do."

Though he has worked with all kinds of mediums, Macomber aids seniors with watercolors since they dry faster and don't expell fumes like oils do.

"It's nice to be able to help others," Macomber said. "Realistically, we are put on Earth to serve."

For information on Macomber's classes, call 508-222-1422.


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