Norton Resident Seeks Married Women for Pageant Reality Show

Casting call Dec. 8.

Oftentimes while channel surfing, people think to themselves that they could easily come up with a concept for a television show. Norton resident Andrea Henry did just that and was able to pitch an idea for a reality show to a major women’s network.

Henry, a comedian and author, made a short film based on beauty pageants for married women and entered some film festivals. From there it made its way to a network who asked Henry to assemble a cast for a possible pilot.

“We will be presenting with a cast and then we'll see what happens next,” Henry said.

If the network chooses to air the pilot, more information will be available to the public.

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Married women age 25 to 40 are asked to send a one to two-minute home video explaining who they are and why they are interested in pageants. Include as much information as possible, such as hobbies, career, children, etc. This casting call is for non-actors. Massachusetts residents are preferred, but other applicants will be considered. Previous pageant experience is a plus, but not necessary. All types will be considered. Submissions can be sent to castingmrsmass@gmail.com or ldipageant@cox.net.

If someone were were selected for the pilot there would be compensation involved and additional money if it went to series. Approximately three to five women will be chosen. The aim of the show is the greater Boston area.

The casting call, which is not an open call, will be held Dec. 8.

"If anyone is interested they should follow the casting calls steps- [picture] and video - and if it seems like a good fit, we'll be in touch to bring them in on the 8th," Henry said.

For more information visit http://newenglandfilm.com/node/41992.


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