And That's 'The Wrap!'

Norton resident creates fun, informative show on local cable channel.

Norton resident Aimee Kolf has always wanted to be in front of the camera, and now she has her shot.

Friday, Jan. 7, Norton TV featured the debut of “The Wrap,” hosted by Kolf, 37, and her friend and coworker Clara Blodgett, 42, of Mansfield.

“I had been thinking of this kind of local show for about a year now, and finally decided to act on it,” Kolf said. And luckily Norton TV had airtime for her idea.

Her goal is to keep it fun, casual and informational. The half-hour show covers everything from Hollywood gossip, food, community information and wine.

Some guests Kolf and Blodgett have had on the show include Anne Foley-Collins from Glee Gifts of Mansfield, MaryEllen Stentiford from the Norton Tricentennial Committee, Jon Carell from Trilogy Financial and Valerie Larsen from . In fact, the show with Larsen was Kolf’s favorite. That might have something to do with the wine, though.

“We love wine, and I love learning about different types of wine, grapes and pairings,” she said.

So far, the feedback has been positive for “The Wrap,” and it is still gaining steam.

“We want to get the word out, and hope people enjoy the show as much as we do,” Kolf said.

In the future, Kolf and Blodgett hope to invite as many guests as possible and have the show be an hour long. Kolf also noted that if the studio for Norton TV moves from the back of the high school, which is currently in the works, it would be nice to have a bigger space with more light. And since Kolf loves to cook, having a kitchen for the show would be a great feature too.

When she is not doing "The Wrap," Kolf also enjoys gardening, decorating and being with family and friends.

Kolf and Blodgett work for MEDITECH, Inc., a software vendor in the health care informatics industry. Kolf is a graduate and has a master’s degree from Lesley University. Blodgett is a graduate of Rhode Island College.

“The Wrap” airs Fridays and Saturdays, 3:30 p.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m. on channel 15. Shows are also available online at http://www.nortontv.org/public.html. Her next guest is yours truly, Kelly A. Mello, editor of Norton Patch.

Join their Facebook page for updates and photos. For more information email thewrap@hotmail.com.

Matt Keene March 31, 2011 at 12:50 PM
Aimee and Clara are Fun to work with. The 2 of them seem more like family than people i work with and they are always on top of their game with preparing for the show. They remembered my birthday and got me mini pizzas. They also made cupcakes for Jays birthday and i ate half of the rack. My favorite episode was when Bill a Co-worker of theirs was a guest on the show and he brought ribs for the cooking segment! I tried them and they were so good!! I look forward to working on more episodes with them every week, continuing with Lucky Episode 13 on Friday with the Very Popular Patch Girl, Kelly Mello as the Guest.
Kelly A. Mello March 31, 2011 at 03:38 PM
Oh, no, is it really episode 13 on Friday?? At least it isn't Friday the 13th...that would really make for an interesting show. Regardless, I'm sure it will be fun!
Clara Blodgett March 31, 2011 at 07:06 PM
Thank you for the nice comment Matt! You and Chris (and Jay of course) are so much fun to work with! Looking forward to many more episodes! Kelly - looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! Clara


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