What Grade Would You Give Norton for Plowing the Streets?

Norton residents, how well did the town handle the snowstorm?

Is your street clear? Are you still buried? Is your mailbox still standing?

On Friday and Saturday, Norton experienced a snow storm it will not soon forget. Several residents took to Facebook and Twitter to talk about the plowing.

Last night, we asked how Norton residents what grade they would give the Norton for plowing the streets. Here's what a few residents had to say:

CJ McMahon 7

Tony Medeiros Jr. They did a good job on Main Street. Bay Road and Plain Street, ahh not so much. 5

Judy A. Barr C 

Doug McMahon The town never does a good job. John Scott is a good example of that. 123 and 140 I believe are the responsability of the state, so they don't count.

Julie Perry 7.5

Pam Snyder Romaine Under the circumstances I say 9.

Amy Gallant 8

Nick T Schleicher 10- personnel worked their 40 hours Monday thru Friday- then worked 60+ hours over the weekend.

As the piles of snow remain, we want to know how you grade the town's response (or state's) to this weekend's major snowstorm. Does the town get an A? C? F?

Tell us what you think below in the Comments section. Please mention if you live on a town or state road. 

ruby 13 February 11, 2013 at 05:37 PM
Definitely a 10+!! I live on Plain St. so it always gets done pretty quickly and often. By last night it was pretty much down to the pavement. I believe we have an advantage because of the school. No complaints, esp. if it were one of mine out their working their tails off.
joe February 11, 2013 at 09:05 PM
10 a big thanks as usual
Scott February 12, 2013 at 12:36 AM
I cant believe that Wilbur St. and the entire neighborhood, Renwick, Middlesex, James, Brenda are 6" deep wet slush....the list goes on! Wish I owned a plow, I'd fix it myself. Try walking your dog in that mess. My kids will have a very dangerous walk to the bus stop tomorrow. Thanks for nothing.


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