Newland Street Area Residents Should Have Water Within An Hour

Water Department has been working since 8:30 p.m. last night repairing the main line.

Water Department officials said that residents in the Newland Street, Newcomb Street and K-Street area should have water within the hour.

An old valve burst on the water main, causing residents to have to go without water overnight and through today.

"We used to get breaks every week, but with the new main in town, it happens very rarely," said Water Department worker Jay Lemaire.

The Water Department has finished fixing the break, but the system is still being pressurized. Once that is done, water will make its way into homes. If they turned it on full blast, it can burst the hydrants, Lemaire said.

The Water Department started a 3 x 4 hole on Newland Street, which got bigger and bigger until they found the problem.

Residents have been calling the Water Department out of confusion and frustration. Without the water, they have been unable to shower and cook. was also affected by the break.

"It gets frustrating for everyone," Lemaire said.


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